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Westboro Baptist Church announces plan to picket CSU graduation

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Any hope that the Westboro Baptist Church would refrain from its vile activities following the death of founder Fred Phelps last month has now been officially squashed.

The WBC has announced plans to picket next month's graduation ceremonies at Colorado State University for the usual nonsensical, repulsively homophobic reasons.

Among the declarations in its latest twisted release: "GOD H8S RAM FAN BRATS!"

As we noted in a post following Phelps's death, the deeply inbred Kansas-based bigotry factory has frequently targeted Colorado over the years -- and gays aren't the only group singled out for attack. Note our April 2010 report about WBC members protesting at the officers of Denver's Intermountain Jewish News. The item's headline reads, "Seven-year-old boy pretty sure God hates Jews."

On plenty of other occasions, the WBC has scheduled demonstrations in Colorado and then simply not shown up -- and that could certainly happen again at 4:15-5 p.m. Saturday, May 17, at the intersection of Meridian and Plum in Fort Collins, where the graduation-related picketing is supposed to take place.

The WBC announcement, first reported by the Fort Collins Coloradoan, includes typically brain-dead graphics, including this one....

...and this one.... ...as well as invective aimed at college students generally, as opposed to those attending CSU specifically. The text declares that "students graduating from universities in doomed-america this year are a unique generation -- unique in their filthy manner of life; unique in the lies that pervade their every thought; unique in their aggressive enabling and embracing of fags and same sex marriage; unique in their utter ignorance of the Bible and anything that matters in this life."

The release further decries "filthy, base, illiterate, Godless, Bible-deprived, God-hating, God-hated, without-hope young people" who "will pour into this graduation, where they'll puff out their chests as though they've accomplished something, then go off and get stupid-drunk and rape and fornicate. And call that fun."

CSU spokesman Mike Hooker tells the Coloradoan that CSU supports the rights of free speech and protest. But if picketers actually show up, he says, "our attention...will be focused on celebrating the accomplishment of the CSU students who have worked hard to earn their degrees."

And not on individuals who apparently want to keep a terribly sick legacy alive.

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More from our Follow That Story archive circa March 21: "Top thirteen insults to Colorado and America by Westboro Baptist Church's late Fred Phelps."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.