Westword Music Showcase 2005

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Native or transplant?

Buckwild: Originally from Dodge City, Kansas; 420 Mayhem: Not really sure where the hell he was born; Ringo Montana: Originally from Big Whiskey, Wyoming. All three members are currently residing in Beaverview, Montana. (Not really, but it sounds much better this way.)

What's in a name?

Buckwild = hell-raising, whiskey-drinking, ass-shaking, girl-chasing, car-racing, gun-slinging, beer-swigging, country-swinging, foot-stomping good times!

When did you form/start performing?

Buckwild started over six years ago.


Coming soon!

Who or what do you think you sound like?

Johnny Cash meets George Jones meets the Stray Cats meets the Reverend Horton Heat: Picture a spaghetti Western on speed!

What are some of your noteworthy recent feats?

Being nominated for the Westword Music Showcase!

What albums have had the biggest impact on you?

Lots of old country albums -- too many great ones to name.

What artists have had the biggest impact on you?

Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Hank Williams.

How do you pay the bills? What are your day jobs?

Buckwild: Sheriff of Beaverview, Montana; 420 Mayhem: Retired five-time Montana State Bull Riding Champion; Ringo Montana: Full time fly-fishing guide, part-time schoolbus driver.

Finish this sentence: If I didn't have to worry about money, I'd...

Drink more whiskey, play more tunes, chase more girls!

Finish this sentence: I'd rather be...

Drinking more whiskey, playing more tunes, chasing more girls!

Who would play you in the screen adaptation of your life?

Who the hell would want to see a movie about any of us?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Drinking the same whiskey, playing the same tunes, chasing the same girls!

What's the biggest misconception about you or your band?

That we like to drink a lot and chase girls.

Give us a random factoid about yourself or your band:

Before starting Buckwild, Buck played in the Pink, the Flatlanders and the Throttlemen (the Throttlemen also included Tyson Murry of the Railbenders).

Elliott Smith or Jack Johnson?

George Jones!

Weezer or Winger?

Johnny Cash!

Jay-Z or Z-Trip?

How about we catch some zzz's instead!

Football or foosball?

Denver Broncos six days a week and twice on Sunday!

Parting shot?

"Go west, young man, and grow up with the country." -- John L. Soule, Terre Haute Express, 1851.


Website: www.cephaliccarnage.net


Steve, John, Len, Zac, Jawsh.

Native or transplant?

Two natives, two Wyomingites, one Puebloan.

What's in a name?

Five syllables, a verb and a noun.

When did you form/start performing?

Cephalic has been around since 1992, as this lineup since 1998.


Conforming to Abnormality; Exploiting Dysfunction; Lucid Interval; Perversion and the Guilt After (split CD with Anal Blast), Halls of Amenti, Anomalies.

Who or what do you think you sound like?

I usually tell people that aren't familiar with our genre that we are "obnoxious metal." The influences range so much for each member that it's hard to whittle it down to the three or four bands that we steal solely from. I think we sound like a blender, with gravel in it, set to purée, through a megaphone, while two pit bulls are barking venomously over the next-door neighbor playing Bitches Brew at full volume.

What are some of your noteworthy recent feats?

Anomalies hit number #1 on Canadian metal/punk radio and debuted at #2 behind the new Mars Volta on the CMJ charts. Our new video "Dying Will Be the Death of Me" is in solid rotation on Fuse TV and Headbangers Ball, and we are currently in Europe (specifically, in Holland, right now, fresh from a "coffee-shop" trip) hitting the summer festival circuit. Nothing more metal than playing with Accept, Dio, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer -- especially when you're a third-rate noise fest like ourselves. And we finally got to play in Tokyo earlier this year, as well.

What albums have had the biggest impact on you?

Iron Maiden's first album; Disco Volante (Mr. Bungle); Focus (Cynic); Super Fly soundtrack (Curtis Mayfield); Rated R (Queens of the Stone Age); and the Earache Records' "Grindcrusher" comp.

What artists have had the biggest impact on you?

The Beatles, Metallica (when I was twelve), Mike Patton, Miles Davis, Eddie Van Halen and about one hundred more.

How do you pay the bills? What are your day jobs?

My beautiful wife handles the bills; that's why we still have a place to live. Between touring with Cephalic, the Highbryd-wear print shop we own, and the fabulous people and great beer at the Breckenridge Brewery, I manage to make the monthly statements.

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