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Reader: Cowards With Guns Continue to Wreak Havoc!

An overhead look at the intersection of 21st and Lawrence.
An overhead look at the intersection of 21st and Lawrence. Denver7 via YouTube
Gun violence does not take a holiday.  A quintuple shooting at 21st and Lawrence streets in the Ballpark neighborhood had downtown at a standstill on Monday, November 19. The incident resulted from a gang rivalry, and two suspects have since been arrested. One bystander died in the incident.

The tragedy inspired considerable discussion, and the debate over the root causes of gun violence in Denver continues on social media.

Joe says:
Cowards with guns continue to wreak havoc!
Leslie argues:
It’s not guns. It’s not marijuana. It’s illicit drugs — think opiates, shitty cocaine and the degenerate population that does and supplies them.
Mario notes:
This is why I hate when I see a cop sitting on his ass, hunting people for speeding tickets. Why are there always cops waiting for people by the construction sites to pass by speeding, but when it comes to dangerous neighborhoods, people become a statistic? Where the hell is the tax money? This area is stupidly expensive! This happens because the police are not doing their job in that area.
Jame posits:
The larger the population gets, the more often it can happen. Still, over 3,000 people are dying per day in auto accidents and other causes of death. I guess people would call for some tougher laws against killing if people started being suicide bombers, but murder and multiple life sentences are already on the books for those who "choose " to break the law(s).
Josh argues:
It appears Albus Brooks, Denver City Councilman for District 9, and our City Council condone illegal drug use. With that comes crime. These proposed measures bound the hands of law enforcement to protect our streets.
Jeff says:
Starting to not be surprised anymore. Seems to be a lot of angry jerks around lately.
At a press conference on November 20, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen announced that Josh Hayward had been arrested in connection with the November 19 quintuple shooting. He also revealed that Dashae Armstrong, 23, one of the four people hospitalized after the incident, is believed to have traded shots with Hayward.

At the outset of his remarks, Pazen paid tribute to "the great work of the officers and investigators who worked throughout the night" to solve the crime. "I don't think they've slept."

Pazen stressed that the shooting was a targeted rather than random attack. But the murder victim and two other people injured in the incident were all bystanders.

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