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Reader: Racist Department of Homeland Security Shouldn't Exist

Activists at the Denver ICE field office.
Activists at the Denver ICE field office. Sara Fleming
Protests against Immigration and Customs Enforcement have ramped up ever since the Trump administration implemented its "zero tolerance" policy, which initially included separating undocumented immigrant parents from the offspring they crossed over with. This past week, protesters outside the Denver area ICE field office were arrested.

As the protests have gotten louder, so have their opponents and supporters.

Chris argues:
Do they realize that some other agency would be tasked with doing EVERY thing that ICE does now?
Rachel notes:
So dumb. I do not support ICE but even I can see trying to abolish it is pointless and counterproductive.
Ross argues:

No human is illegal. Fuck the border.
Alex explains:

Protesting federal law enforcement, we'll see how long that lasts before they get their ass beat just like Occupy ICE Portland.
Mark responds:

It's the racist department of Homeland Security that should not exist.

The upper executive management is criminal and should all be jailed for over 20 years for the crimes against humanity they commit every day.

This honorable U.S. veteran knows homeland security to be nothing more than a petty juvenile terrorist organization operating in the USA.
And Christopher argues:
Abolish these protesters.
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