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Reader: People in Denver Need to Learn How to F*cking Drive!

West Florida Avenue at South Federal Boulevard.
West Florida Avenue at South Federal Boulevard. Google Maps
Few things anger humanity more than traffic: waiting in it, dealing with it, just thinking about it.  Although we compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections in Denver using hard data, readers still had plenty of opinions about which spots should have made the cut and, of course, why Denver's drivers are so bad. Says John: 
Intersections? Denver has the slowest and stupidest drivers in the world. If you can't figure out what you are doing, pull over and give someone else the keys 'cause this is pathetic. They make driving easy enough for a child to sheep still can't figure it out!?
Adds Joe:
I literally don’t understand how this happens. The roads are straight and flat. People need to learn how to fucking drive.
Stephen has his own nomination for a bad stretch of road:
Not an intersection per se, but I'm shocked that Parker/Hampden merger onto 225 North and South isn't up there. That place is a nightmare at all times of the day.
So does Nick:
How in the world is Park and Broadway not on this list? I live right there and there is a major accident on average once a week in that intersection!
Which intersections are the worst? Brendan concludes:
All of them.
Which intersections do you think are Denver's most dangerous? And what's your opinion of this city's drivers?
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