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Reader: Fieldy McFieldface Would Probably Win Stadium-Naming Contest

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The Broncos are heading into an era of change, and we're not just talking about the team. Last week, the "Sports Authority" in Sports Authority at Mile High stadium came down, two years after the Englewood-based sports retailer went out of business.

What's to become of the stadium's name after the team acquired its naming rights? We're not entirely sure, and we don't think the Broncos are, either. But we do have some guesses.

Here are some reader suggestions and general comments about the team and NFL:

Argues Angelo:

Why do I get the feeling that Fieldy McFieldface would generate a lot of votes? Also, it would have my vote.
Says Rob:

Stadium naming rights are no longer a valuable marketing tool especially with the kneeling players. The NFL has diminished its value while the rest of the world is moving on. Just call it Mile High Stadium and make up the $10 million loss by cutting the contracts of under performing players. After all, if the fans aren't watching as much then how do they keep justifying the big contracts?
 Notes Roy:

Mile High Stadium at Mile High Stadium, just to make sure everyone knows where it is.
Explains Fabian:

Mile High but shits about money so Frank D Azar The Strong Arm Stadium @ Mile High
Says Katy:

Whatever they end up calling it, I hope they fix the atrocious typography of the signage ????
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