What kinda folks showed up to see Sarah Palin? Pale ones

The assembled multitude.

The human rainbow in evidence throughout the Democratic National Convention events in Denver didn't exactly stretch over the Jefferson County Fairgrounds today, where Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke. I saw precisely three African-Americans in a crowd a volunteer estimated at 6,000 -- and two of them worked for the McCain-Palin campaign, while the third was a member of the media contingent. I also saw an Asian woman with a child, who wouldn't stand out in most crowds but did in this one. Still, the Caucasians present did represent a range of ages, genders and styles of dress, from a few biker types in full leather regalia (including one proudly sporting a Pluto the Dog T-shirt) to lots of guys wearing suit jackets and open collars (to make them seem like regular guys). That's diversity, Republican-style. -- Michael Roberts

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