What you missed (or didn't) at Denver's Coca-Cola convention

Truth be told, plenty of us have personal obsessions that would convince people uninterested in our particular thang that we need to get a life. It's just that these pastimes differ from individual to individual -- and some are quirkier than others. Witness the just-completed 35th annual Coca-Cola Collectors Convention, which took place at the Denver Tech Center Hyatt. The 35th annual event, sponsored by the California-based Coca-Cola Collectors Club, drew a throng of folks so jazzed about memorabilia associated with a certain sody-pop that they were willing to spend a whopping five days reveling in it; festivities began on June 30 and didn't end until July 4. The video above offers a look at one presentation, featuring a Coke tchotchke from the 1920s containing "run-animator wands" -- and yes, viewers will find out what the hell they are. Below, get a glimpse at a Coca-Cola collectors version of Jeopardy, complete with a category in which contestants have to guess which president was in office when certain Coke trays were first produced.

Wow: Suddenly my mania for buying seven-inch vinyl singles for my old jukebox doesn't seem so strange....

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