Who are the tweetest of the Denver Post's Twitterers?

Lots of news organizations, including this one, have embraced Twitter -- but few have done so with as much vigor (and volume) as the Denver Post. The broadsheet's Twitter page lists more than twenty feeds specific to the paper, with some contributed by departments or topics (e.g. crime news and politics) and others from specific individuals -- among them, business writer Andy Vuong and editorial writer Chuck Plunkett. But most of them are purely utilitarian, plugging articles and the like. Indeed, column references are the only things on Twitter feeds associated with Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla, which suggests that some lucky intern is tweeting on their behalf.

Exceptions to this rule can be diverting, though. Witness sports columnist Dave Krieger's live tweets from this past weekend's NFL draft. Here's a sample:

Dave Krieger...

is back at Dove Valley and, yes, it's like he never left. 8:59 AM Apr 26th from web

That's right, the Broncos go for another defensive back in the fourth round. Looks like they'll be playing the old 1-1-9 defense this year. 10:44 AM Apr 26th from web

notes that Scott Pioli drafted a defensive end and defensive tackle with his first two picks in K.C. . . . and he already had Glenn Dorsey. 12:52 PM Apr 26th from web

reports the Broncos just took quarterback Tom Brandstater in the sixth round -- the Matt Cassel of Fresno. 12:57 PM Apr 26th from web

is confused to report the Broncos ended up drafting more offensive players (six) than defensive players (four). 3:23 PM Apr 26th from web

Right now, Krieger's number of Twitter followers is quite modest: just 35 as of this morning. But if he and others on the staff start taking the time to send out amusing and opinionated messages like the ones above, that total should grow. Until then, the Post's feeds will function mostly as a headline service -- a potentially useful function, but a not terribly entertaining one.

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