Gone but not forgotten -- by one guy, anyway.

Who cares if the Broncos are playing better -- bring back Jake Plummer!

Sure, the Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons this past weekend, earning their second consecutive comeback win. But that doesn't mean everyone is convinced that young Denver QB Jay Cutler has turned the corner -- especially not the fan behind LetPlummerPlay.com, a website devoted to the theory that the team would be better off if Jake Plummer was still behind center. The site features rants like the following, posted on November 3, a day after the Broncos fell to the Miami Dolphins:

WE WERE RIGHT, ALWAYS ARE, ALWAYS WILL BE! 13 WINS and 16 LOSSES as a pro quarterback. Blame it on anything you want to. Since the BENCHING of Jake Plummer our wonderful and phenomenal Denver Broncos have gone 13-16. Let's see... It took Jake nearly 4 years to rack up 15 losses, in that same time he won 39 games for the Broncos. Lil' Pumpkin Pie has now surpassed Jake's losses in less than 3 years. Don't forget, he had a losing record at Vanderbilt as well.

Go ahead, curse us out, but if Jay is that good, than at least admit it's time for SHANAHAN to go.

Apparently, the Broncos' performance in the past two games hasn't changed this Snake lover's mind. Look below for a pro-Plummer video he posted yesterday, featuring a soundtrack by the late Wesley Willis. Take that, Cutler! -- Michael Roberts

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