Who's Counting?

There's plenty about the murder of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams (pictured) that doesn't add up -- and the folks at KOA appear to be as confused as anyone.

On May 29, the station ran spots promoting an update about the Williams investigation, with the announcer expressing astonishment that it had already been six months since this notorious crime took place. Listeners who can count were undoubtedly amazed as well. Williams died early on January 1, 2007 -- meaning that it's almost been five months.

By the morning of May 30, when the report aired, KOA personnel had apparently refamiliarized themselves with the way calendars work. In teasing the piece, Colorado Morning News host April Zesbaugh said "we're entering the sixth month" since Williams' death -- a claim that's still a bit premature but considerably closer to reality.

Time really flies when you lose track of it.-- Michael Roberts

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