Have you or your buddies booked a trip to Denver, George?
Have you or your buddies booked a trip to Denver, George?

Will a George Clooney sighting cap the Starz Denver Film Festival?

In our recap of the Ed Harris appearance at the Starz Denver Film Festival last Friday, I noted that organizers of the event have a hard time getting big-name actors to show up. Example: Harrison Ford was in town for a weekend gala at Wings Over the Rockies museum but didn't make time in his schedule for a fest stop.

Now, however, the Starz braintrust has announced that an "award-winning and acclaimed actor" from the cast of a "sneak peek film" will attend a screening of the flick at 4 p.m., Sunday, November 22, at the King Center. Moreover, "The surprise celebrity guest will introduce the non-stop film that's on a clear runway to the Oscars."

The flick that best fits this description: Up in the Air, a heavily hyped offering starring George Clooney as a frequent flier who has an airborne romance.

Further evidence: The movie was directed by Jason Reitman, who also helmed Juno -- a previous Denver Film Fest spotlight item that's also name-checked in the fest press release.

Even if the movie in question is indeed Up in the Air, that's no guarantee Clooney is the guest in question; one of his co-stars, such as Vera Farmiga or Jason Bateman (another Juno alum), might turn up instead. But if Clooney actually shows, any complaints about a lack of star power will evaporate immediately. Check out an Up in the Air preview below.


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