Will Clint Hurdle survive another dismal Colorado Rockies start?

On April 6, opening day for the Colorado Rockies, I predicted that the team would only win 72 games this season -- and based on their performance thus far, they'll have to step it up considerably to reach even that mediocre total. No wonder Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman suggested this weekend that manager Clint Hurdle might wind up on the job market soon. But Dick Monfort, the skinflint who co-owns the Rockies with his brother, Charlie, denied that sacking Hurdle was on his agenda amid a Denver Post interview in which he asked, "If you make the change, what is going to be better?"

Almost anything, according to Rock Bottom, the scribe behind HurdlingToRockBottom.com, a site formerly known as the "Fire Clint Hurdle" blog. In an item about the Monforts' vote of confidence, RB writes, "Come on, Dick! Firing Hurdle would be the difference in winning more games! You're certainly not going to lose more games by firing one of the worst managers in the league." Not that the blogger is entirely without compassion. Here's how his latest piece ends: "The sad part is that I think I'd be willing to give Hurdle a contract extension if we could fire the Monforts."

Good luck with that.

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