Victoia Beckham: icy?
Victoia Beckham: icy?

Will Victoria Beckham's American Idol performance make you miss Paula Abdul?

On Friday, we told you about Victoria Beckham's stealth visit to Denver to participate in American Idol callbacks. Now, the early reviews are in -- the kind shared by anonymous whisperers -- and they're not very good. RadarOnline reports that while the once-and-future Posh Spice looked quite fetching, her personality wasn't equally attractive:

"It didn't go too well," a source close to the production told exclusively. Posh Spice was apparently quite bland.

"She tried to hard to be 'nice,' but came off as icy and wooden," the source added.

"Icy" and "wooden" are two words never used to describe Paula Abdul, who's announced that she's leaving Idol. "Loony" and "seemingly on something" are more common Abdul descriptors -- and since her reasons for departing have more to do with a long-running contract dispute than a vow of poverty, she could likely be lured back for a price. Could Denver be Posh's Waterloo?


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