William Breathes's ten favorite products at KushCon II

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10. Mini Bubbler pipe Instead of a boring deck or cards or pack of gum, this it would make a great stocking stuffer (especially if it was stuffed with herb). Okay, this isn't really anything that special, but who doesn't like a miniature water pipe? 9. DoobToobs Another stocking stuffer item, these simple little plastic containers have Colorado Amendment 20 on them and they keep your joints from ending up looking like old toothpick wrappers in your jacket pocket. 8. Essential VAAAP Pipe "It's not a crack pipe," is what the rep told our photographer and non-puffer Aaron Thackeray after Thackeray commented on the way the pipe works (to be real, lighting a glass vial to skin-scalding temperatures unfortunately carries that connotation). But freebasing jokes aside, this is one serious pipe for hash and oil smokers -- they even had one painted like Van Halen's Frankenstein. 7. Hemp-wick Plastic lighters are, like, not green, brah. But really, wrapping some of this around your lighter during those monster bowl sessions might save a few lighters from ending up in a landfill and less butane means that Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Blitzen won't be choking on as much air pollution. 6. Bubble Bags icewater hash making screens I've seen trim selling on eBay lately and have been thinking more and more about making my own hash to have around the house. This also means having hash for baking, which means Santa could get ganja cookies next year.
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