William Elliott, ID'd as "Good Samaritan" hit and run driver, may face kidnapping charge

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At around 6 a.m. on December 6, as we reported earlier, a fourteen-year-old girl was trying to cross East Colfax at Laredo Street when she was hit by a vehicle. Instead of immediately hitting the gas, the driver stopped, put the injured girl into his car, then started east on Colfax -- after which he executed two U-turns before heading back to the 7-Eleven near where the accident took place. There, the girl, who suffered scrapes and abrasions in the incident, got out in the parking lot and he vamoosed.

Initially, Aurora police didn't think the driver was planning to hurt the girl any more than he already had. In an interview with 9News, department spokesman Officer Frank Fania said, "The suspect didn't make any threats, really didn't make any statements, never touched her, harmed her, threatened her in any way. It appears that he truly was trying to get her help and maybe panicked and fortunately brought her right back to the 7-Eleven. But then he drove off, which is still a crime."

With that in mind, the APD returned to the scene of the accident the following morning and managed to track down a witness who provided a license plate number for the car that hit the girl. Investigators soon traced it to a nearby address, but the vehicle wasn't there. However, after several return trips, they spotted it and set up a surveillance operation -- and yesterday morning about this time, Elliott, eighteen, was seen climbing into it. He was promptly arrested and the car was towed away as evidence.

Elliott was transported to the Arapahoe County Jail, where he was held on suspicion of what are referred to as "traffic-related charges," including driving without a license or proof of insurance. But he's also facing a possible second-degree-kidnapping count, even though the amount of time the girl was in his car appears to have been around a minute or so.

Will Arapahoe County prosecutors go forward with the kidnapping accusation, if only to pressure Elliott to plead guilty on other counts? We'll see. But for future reference, one's Good Samaritan reputation isn't enhanced by leaving the scene.

Look below to see a larger version of Elliott's mug shot, a Fox31 report and his booking sheet, followed by our previous coverage.

Elliott Arrest-Booking Sheet

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