Woman in Denver Zoo's elephant exhibit should have made our Strange But True

Every year, Westword compiles a list of some of the weirdest stories that have taken place in Colorado over the previous twelve months; our Strange but True compilation in the Year in Review issue (which also includes our Hall of Shame, parts one and two) is currently out in print and online. But each year, it seems, a couple of the wackiest tales take place in the week between when we go to press and when the ball drops on New Year's Eve. This year was no exception, courtesy of a woman who was arrested on December 23 in the Denver Zoo's elephant enclosure.

Yes, as you've probably read, Kelly Flynn, 21, was arrested Monday night after police found her sitting down inside the enclosure in the Denver Zoo's popular Elephant Passage exhibit in the evening during the nightly Zoo Lights event.

According to news reports, Flynn was probably electrocuted by a security fence, which she must have climbed in order to get inside. Police believe she was drunk.

The animals weren't out at the time, which was good for them, but also for Flynn since she probably wouldn't have wanted to dance with Kimbo, Billy, Bodhi or any of the other pachyderms living there. Flynn was taken to a hospital and charged with trespassing.

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