Woody Paige, Vincent Carroll get pay cuts at the Denver Post?

Today, the Denver Post's Woody Paige lauds Baylor for winning the NCAA women's basketball championship. But did he receive less compensation for his prose than usual? Multiple sources tell us Paige received a pay cut around the time columnists Mike Littwin and Penny Parker were laid off -- and so did Vincent Carroll, whose work appears on the opinion page. But neither the Post nor the individuals themselves appear willing to address the topic.

In a March 22 interview with Post editor Greg Moore, I asked about reports from knowledgeable insiders that Paige had received a pay cut as part of the paper's cost-cutting efforts. His response? "I can't talk about that," he said.

I've also reached out to Paige via e-mail and voicemail on a slew of occasions over the past week or two. But the veteran sports columnist and ESPN personality -- who's frequently noted over the years that he's always responded to my interview requests even when the subject wasn't particularly pleasant -- still hasn't gotten back to me.

As for Carroll, who, like Littwin and Parker, came to the Post after the closure of the Rocky Mountain News, he sent an e-mail that reads, "I don't blame you for asking but my salary is a private matter."

True enough -- but this private matter is being treated as common knowledge in the Post newsroom.

Meanwhile, one other big change is taking place among Post longtimers: Rowena Alegria is slated to turn in her laptop on Friday after twelve years at the paper, and six with Viva Colorado, a publication aimed at the Latino community. In her goodbye column, Alegria speaks with pride about the growth of Viva Colorado, but notes that "it's not enough. This is a business, and the media business is a tough one right now, particularly for Latino publications."

Alegria points out that Viva Colorado will continue "in a new format coming soon." But her departure fired up Butch Montoya, the former Denver Manager of Safety and 9News executive who currently runs H.S. Power & Light, also known as the Latino Faith Initiative. In an "Open Letter to The Denver Post Managers," he writes: "This change at Viva Colorado is one of the worst steps The Denver Post can make in terms of marketing news and information to the Latino community in the greater Denver metro area."

Montoya adds:

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The time is coming when we be able to affect the decisions made by the uncaring management team who refuse to consider or listen to our complaints regarding The Denver Post. Until that time, we can simply ignore your newspaper and the new direction in which you wish to take a successful Viva Colorado newspaper. I ask others who may have the same sentiments to let the managers of The Post know how you feel as well.

We've reached out to Alegria via e-mail and voice mail. Thus far, she hasn't replied. When and if she or Paige get back to us, we'll update this piece.

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