Would you wait twelve hours to see Sarah Palin? And if so, what are you drinking?

Supporters of Sarah Palin reportedly began gathering at a Borders branch at Chapel Hills Mall, 1710 Briargate Boulevard in Colorado Springs, in order to secure a place in line to see Sarah Palin, who isn't scheduled to begin pitching her new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, until 7 p.m. Meaning some folks may be waiting for twelve hours or more in frigid temperatures just to get a glimpse of this lipsticked pit bull.

What kind of person would exhibit such devotion? Look no further than the video above, which features a throng outside a Palin signing in Columbus, Ohio last month. One guy compares to her to a rock star, while another fan says SP makes her proud to be a woman.

Me, too! So we have that in common. See -- we can all get along!

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