Zoning code overhaul gets a scheduling overhaul

It's not easy to find a cure for the common code, as Kenny Be showed in ""Everybody Must Get Zoned," his cartoon feature that lives on the web and inside numerous lockers in city facilities.

Denver's zoning code is more than fifty years old -- so a five-month delay in a massive code update could be considered a relative blip. But there's a lot of confusion and controversy behind that blip, and you can dip into some of it from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, when Denver's Community Planning and Development Department hosts one-on-one sessions with residents who want to talk about the proposed code, which you can see here.

Under an already revised schedule, the new code was supposed to be approved by the end of 2009. Then by this February. Then by April. Yesterday, the target date was pushed back to June.

After today's public chest-beating, the Denver planning board will start a series of informational sessions, then hold a public hearing in April. From there, it moves to Denver City Council, which will have its own informational sessions and a hearing.

And then, maybe, finally vote on the code in June. Because everybody must get zoned.

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