100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: Cheeseburgers from Larkburger

As a countdown to the Best of Denver 2010, coming April 1, Cafe Society is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in Denver. Send your own nominations to cafe@westword.com. Number 94: Cheeseburgers from Larkburger

Denver might be a steakhouse kind of town, but let's not forget that this was also the town where the cheeseburger was (arguably) invented. There are a lot of great burgers in the area today, but only a few rank in the city's best dishes. And that picture above? That's a snap of one of them.

Larkburger joined the Denver scene this spring, coming down from the mountains (where it was founded by Thomas Salamunovich, who'd originally created the burger for his menu at the Larkspur in Vail) and offering fine-dining flavor in a fast casual atmosphere with just enough green cred to keep the hippies sedate and more than enough quality to appease even the most fanatical burger freak. The meat is Black Angus, the toppings fresh, the ubiquitous secret sauce made in-house. A Larkburger is precisely the kind of burger a chef would love for its ideal balance of well-sourced and researched ingredients, and it's precisely the kind of burger we love for the way all that thought and concentration comes together into a delicious, modern version of the cheeseburger that made Denver famous.

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Jason Sheehan
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