Tasty Treats from Gaetano's
Tasty Treats from Gaetano's
Lori Midson

100 Favorite Dishes: Tasty Treats from Gaetano's

As a countdown to the Best of Denver 2010, coming April 1, Cafe Society is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in Denver. Send your own nominations to cafe@westword.com.

Number 71: Tasty Treats from Gaetano's

It's worth going to Gaetano's once in a blue moon just to banter with the characters that belly up to the bar. There's the guy who insists on having his burger well-done and a half dozen "pats" of butter with his basket of white bread; the woman who orders shot after shot of Jack and never seems to slur or stumble; the old-timer who starts every sentence, "Remember when..." And his buddy who kicks his stool, a reminder that Gaetano's isn't that place anymore. But while those barflies definitely keep things interesting at Gaetano's, it's worth stepping behind the bulletproof front door once a week (or more) for the "Tasty Treats," ribbons of roasted New Mexican chiles wrapped around a fat fennel-specked Italian sausage link tucked inside a gold-tinged crust slicked with olive oil and confettied with parsley. The kitchen serves them with a respectable marinara, pelted with chile flakes, but these Mexican/Italian treats are just as tasty naked.

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