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Reader: For Diners, the 16th Street Mall Has It All

Danielle Lirette
With the holidays upon us, people will be out and about along the 16th Street Mall, heading to holiday dinners (Tavernetta, our Best New Restaurant of 2018, anchors one end of the stretch) or just hanging out. (See this story about the 16th Street McDonald's for some real holiday cheer.) To capture the current scene, we recently photographed every restaurant on the 16th Street Mall.

Apparently, one picture was not worth a thousand words, because readers served up plenty as they shared their opinions of the restaurants on the mall, and the place in general.

Says Jonathan: 
 Avoid the 16th Street Mall.
Replies Joni: 
It's impossible to avoid panhandlers anywhere in town. They aren't as bad on the mall as some other spots, and there are definitely places to eat, for either a quick lunch or a big dinner. This mall has it all.  
Bret has a suggestion: 
Bayou Bob's 16th and Glenarm.
So does Joseph: 
Raisins and assorted nuts from Walgreen's.
And Juan:
 Taco Bell, hell, yeah.
Mocks Jason: 
 "We take you inside a Panera Bread shop and look at their secret to a zesty lunch sandwich.... that you could also buy at six locations in Loveland...."
But Shay counters: 
If you don't think about the restaurants by Union Station, you're not realizing what the mall is like today. Tavernetta is right on the extension of the mall, and it's amazing! So are so many other restaurants in that area.
Concludes Raab: 
Going down to 16th for a meal is not all that appetizing for those of us living out in the suburbs. It’s a shame, because downtown used to be a fun place to go. Maybe I’m just old now but last time was a bit of a nightmare.
Keep reading for more about the 16th Street Mall.

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