3 Monkeys Cantina closes on South Broadway

3 Monkeys Cantina closes on South Broadway

Four years ago, Alex Waters opened Bistro One with a lot of promises and Olav Peterson in the kitchen. But Peterson left two years ago to open his own restaurant, Bittersweet, and this spring Waters finally closed Bistro One. Then he quickly resurrected the space in May as 3 Monkeys Cantina -- a casual joint with neon beer signs, a pool table, a jukebox, video games and a compact menu featuring Tex-Mex staples.

But after four months, it seems that Waters has given up on that concept as well.

3 Monkeys Cantina closes on South Broadway

The phone number for 3 Monkeys has been disconnected, and the space has been dark for a week.

Although there's no note on the building indicating its status, there's no monkey business in sight.

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