3014 to ditch DJs, add Odelay Tacos

The building at 3014 East Colfax Avenue that once housed the long-in-the-tooth Longhorn Saloon has gone through several changes in the past few years. Back in the summer of 2007, it turned into Sengers on the Fax -- much more of an upscale club, perhaps too upscale for the neighborhood, since it closed last year and was replaced by 3014, where owner David Senger booked a lot of DJ entertainment.

Now, though, although he's keeping the name 3014, he's dumping the DJs. "We've got a jukebox here, and we're just kind of keeping it more of a neighborhood bar," Senger says. A neighborhood bar that will soon have a taco shop inside.

Inspired by how the nearby Atomic Cowboy has added Fat Sully's and the Denver Biscuit Company to its amenities, Senger is planning to put an authentic taco shop, Odelay Tacos, to the space.

He's hoping to have it in place by April 1, when he'll start opening 3014 at 11 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, Odelay will serve until 4 a.m.; the menu will include el pastor, chicken, beef and fish tacos; burritos; slow-roasted pork green chile; and a few vegetarian options. And 3014's kitchen will continue to serve wings, burgers and tater tots.

The taco shop isn't the only change Senger is making to 3014. He's repainting the place, redoing the flooring and adding new art. And next year, he plans to totally transform the rooftop patio, adding trees and fire pits.

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