8 Rivers goes to pot -- in a good way

Wanda James and Scott Durrah, the owners of 8 Rivers, just celebrated the end of their first year at 1550 Blake Street in LoDo, where they moved their restaurant after a successful run in the tiny spot at 3609 West 32nd Avenue that now holds Venue. "You can't have a Caribbean restaurant without a bar," James points out. "You need rum."

And not just rum. On December 1, James and Durrah opened Apothecary of Colorado, a medical marijuana dispensary, at 1730 Blake Street. "We are not new to understanding the medicinal value of marijuana," says Durrah, who's also a mm patient.

They're planning on holding a monthly "Cooking with Marijuana" class at 8 Rivers, and Durrah is already working on recipes that patients can cook up morning, noon and night. Cannabutter for your breakfast pancakes, says James.

And since her mother is British, they're also working on pot teas. They've even tried to infuse little bits of marijuana into 8 Rivers's trademark jerk chicken, although "we have not perfected it quite yet," James admits.

"We're focusing on complete holistic health," she concludes. "We want you to be able to use marijuana as a regimen throughout your day, throughout your life." Just one caveat: to sign up for the class, you must have your medical marijuana card. But with the first session slated for January, you have some time.

And in the meantime, 8 Rivers will be serving the menu it's perfected since it opened in this spot on October 1, 2008, including addictive wings and non-pot jerked chicken.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.