Happy Hour

A beautiful buzz: Boozing at Brasserie Ten Ten

The Place: Brasserie Ten Ten, 1011 Walnut Street, Bouder, 303-998-1010

The Hours: Daily from 3 to 6:30 p.m.

The Deals: Food specials, $2 to $6; cocktails, draft beer and wine, $3.25 to $6

The Digs:There's nothing particularly remarkable about the décor at Brasserie Ten Ten. It's a large room where bland walls envelop an open dining area of strategically placed tables deftly navigated by servers bustling plates of French food and trays of martini glasses. The bar is comfortable and inviting, especially during happy hour, when mountain tourists wander in after a day in the hills to test their tolerance against the altitude and get slap-happy with the regulars.

The Verdict: While the space may be nothing to note, the happy hour menu at Brasserie Ten Ten is like Christmas morning. Smoked artichokes, crepes, croque monsieur, pate, cheese, oysters...the list goes on and on and on -- and that's the beauty of it. That -- and the bone marrow ($5), perfectly paired with a Boddington's and served with a buttery baguette, Dijon, and caramelized onions we dream about. Tasty, too, is the beef tartare ($6), although the quail egg becomes lost somewhere between a little too much Worcestershire sauce and dry toast. Still, the bartenders are hilarious, although too many Boodles martinis ($6 each) could have contributed to igniting our laughter.

Overall Grade: A-

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Kate Kennedy
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