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A beery great American beard grown for a cause!

During the Great American Beer Festival, we highlighted ten of the other stars of the show: our favorite beard heroes, from the groomed to the burly.

One of our beard stars turned out to be growing for a cause: Carlos Migoya, aka "Dirty Santa," has been cultivating his facial crop for a very special reason.

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Back in February, attorney Migoya decided he hadn't done enough for charity, and was looking for a way to raise $10,000 for the Colorado non-profit WeeCycle, an organization started by a few friends that works to help low-income families with infants and toddlers by providing them with new and gently used baby gear. "Since I couldn't just write a $10,000 check, I decided to grow out my beard until I raised it," explains Migoya. "It just hasn't happened yet."

On his official website, Migoya comically outlines the reasons to donate -- along with the reasons why people will want him to shave the beard:

1.) While I love a nicely trimmed beard, I grow facial hair like a chia pet and in no time juries will be wondering where the biker lawyer came from. 2.) While I have occasionally been referred to as the Cuban Duck Commander, I am still single and the Louisiana duck hunting redneck persona is not a great sell. 3.) The longer the beard gets the more kids cry and scream when I walk in the door, more evidence that a donation goes towards the mental well being of children everywhere. 4.) Obviously this goes towards a great cause!
Nine months later, Migoya still hasn't reached his goal. "When I set up the website, I got an initial $3,000 relatively quickly -- but as donations ebbed, the beard took on a personality of its own," he says. "It's a love hate relationship, and there have definitely been days when I want to give up."

Migoya's Colorado Gives website has now hit $5,822 -- a strong start, but only 58 percent of his goal. But he's pressing on until he gets the full $10,000: Think of it as 250 car seats; 45,500 diapers; or 1,000 cans of formula.

To help him in his quest, visit his official Colorado Gives website, where you can learn more about WeeCycle and Migoya's involvement.

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