A big expansion (and maybe breakfast) is in the works for Hooked on Colfax

Hooked on Colfax, the eclectic, buzzy java joint at 3213 East Colfax, is planning a big expansion, one that will double its square footage and seating capacity, which is busting at the seams, says barista Zach Griffin.

"We get a lot of business in here, which is great -- I even come here as a customer on my day off -- but it's a narrow space, and we definitely need more seating. The storefront next door will allow us to expand by double," notes Griffin, adding, that the 2,000-square-foot plot next door was the original location of Hooked on Colfax, which relocated to its current space six years ago.

"Everyone keeps asking if we're going to tear down the walls, and, no, the walls won't come tumbling down," insists Griffin. Instead, construction will be limited to building a walkway between the two spaces. In addition, plans are under way to expand the front patio and back porch. And because of the expansion, a modification to the existing liquor license is in the works, too, and if this is your local coffee haunt, the staff at Hooked on Colfax is collecting signatures. "We have a lot of great coffee cocktails -- we even make our own Kahlua -- and we want to definitely push that."

The expansion, which Griffin says they hope to start "as soon as possible," may also include a new kitchen and breakfast menu, though he stresses that nothing is set in stone. "There are plans to build a kitchen in the architectural drawings, which would allow us to do some small breakfast items, but we're still working out the details," he says.

In the meantime, it's a good day for Kahlua and coffee.

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