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A few more Colorado beer floats in case Red Robin's didn't float your boat

On Tuesday, we wrote about the debut of the beer milkshake at 460 Red Robin locations across the country and pointed readers to our 2010 list of places around Denver and Boulder where they could enjoy other beer milkshakes, floats and desserts. We also suggested the beer floats offered by Freshcraft.

But that didn't stop the ahem-ing from some very fine establishments who feel that Red Robin is too late to the beer-and-ice cream game.

Boulder Beer, for instance, noted on its Facebook page that "CNBC made a little bit of noise in the beer world yesterday when they featured beer milkshakes as if it was the latest thing. Guess when they were at Boulder Beer last January they missed this on our menu! Planet Porter Milkshakes -- featured in our pub for over 10 years. Yum."

And a spokesman for the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek pointed out that the restaurant chef, Christian Apetz, has been making beer floats for at least six months, some of them with some unusual beers. "As the season goes on, the offerings will change slightly due to the availability of some of the beers (such as the New Belgium Tart Lychee), so the culinary team plans to create 'Beer Floats' around seasonal beers as they become available -- each recipe will be tweaked for a perfect combination," he added.

Here's what they have going right now:

New Belgium 1554 Black Ale paired with rocky mountain road ice cream and raspberry-champagne sorbet.

Samuel Adams American Kriek, paired with black cherry-nutella swirl ice cream, dark chocolate ice cream and vanilla bean ice cream.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Tart Lychee paired with lemon-thyme sorbet and vanilla bean ice cream, apple cinnamon sorbet, raspberry-champagne sorbet.

Do you know of others? List 'em in the comments section below.

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