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A fourth Jax Fish House will open in Glendale next spring

Last Friday, we broke the news that Dave Query, the mastermind behind Big Red F, the Boulder-based restaurant group that already lays claim to eight restaurants in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins, is adding a new chicken joint and brewery to his repertoire next year, this one in Lafayette. But the the prolific restaurateur and chef isn't stopping there: By next spring, Query will have a fourth Jax Fish House under his net in the new City Set development in Glendale, at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Cherry creek Drive.

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"It's going to be fucking killer," promises Query, who points out that each Jax location, despite having the same name and seafood and fish focus, has its own individual identity. "We're not cookie-cutter restaurants," he stresses."We want to grow -- and grow intelligently -- and we want to differentiate each Jax from the next; they all stand on their own."

Query, who has tapped Duane Walker, the former chef of Lola -- another Big Red F restaurant -- to be the chef of the forthcoming Jax (he'll share responsibilities with long-time Jax exec chef Sheila Lucero), says that he spent over a year looking for a space. "We wanted to find an area that had a high demographic, and this area has millions of square feet of office space, plus great proximity to Cherry Creek, Belcaro, Bonnie Brae and Washington Park," he notes, adding that "we wanted to find a spot where we thought we could have an impact -- a restaurant that people in the 'hood could come to that wasn't a chain."

The 4,000-square-foot space, reveals Query, will be the largest Jax to date, and while this is the first Jax location that won't occupy a historical building -- his Boulder, LoDo and Fort Collins locations are all housed in structures that are at least 100 years old -- the opportunity for a build out, not to mention the addition of more space, he says, has its advantages. "We're going to have a huge rooftop patio, and a glass walk-in, where guests will be able to see a huge fish display with fish butchery right on stage. I think this will be the coolest Jax yet."

If all goes according to plan, Query will open by Tax Day of next year, and he'll be joined by several other restaurant and bar tenants, including another Udi's, a second outpost of Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria, the first of which opened in Boulder last year, and World of Beer, a Florida-based beer chain with dozens of locations across the country.

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