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A new brewery will pour Denver's Tivoli beer for the first time since 1969

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"It's hard to duplicate them because a lot of the ingredients aren't available anymore and because beer recipes do change and evolve," Marshall says. "Nobody's beer is the same today as it was twenty years ago, whether its Miller or Bud or Coors Light or whatever. So what we are going to do is stick to the original characteristics of those beers -- all of them were traditional German beers -- at the time they were originally produced."

The first is Tivoli, a 5.1 percent ABV "helles" that Marshall re-created with the help of Bill Eye, an expert in German-style lagers and the head brewer at Prost Brewing, which opened this month in the Lower Highland neighborhood. Prost also specializes in German lagers; its owners use a massive forty-year-old copper brewing system that they bought from a brewery in Bamberg, Germany and shipped to the U.S. this year.

"I want to bring back something that this culture lost," Marshall says. "And I think people will want to drink it. There are those who know the history or have been in touch with it, either through their own families here in Colorado or because they like the story. And there are those who don't know the history yet but who will find it fascinating."

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