A Scandinavian chef finds a home at Charcoal

When Patrik Landberg first came to the United States, he was fresh off eight years in kitchens in his native Sweden, and he had no trouble landing a job in New York City. When he moved to Denver years later, though, he had a little more trouble finding his niche.

Landberg did a brief stint at The Kitchen before moving to Satchel's Market in Park Hill. But just when he was starting to hit his stride -- not even a year after he'd taken over the burners -- owner Andrew Casalini shuttered the spot to open Satchel's on Sixth on Sixth Avenue.

The chef didn't follow, but last year, Landberg had the opportunity to team up with Gary Sumihiro who opened Charcoal. Landberg came on as the executive chef at the Golden Triangle restaurant, culling a menu that draws inspiration from his Scandinavian roots mixed with influences from the restaurants that have employed him here in the States.

For this week's review, I stopped by Charcoal and ate my way through the menu, sampling everything from the very Scandinavian plates -- like Landberg's pickled herring and gravlax -- to the more new American dishes, like pork belly with waffles and gnocchi with braised oxtail.

How was the food? Find out tomorrow when the review is posted here.

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