A spirited plan for Buchi Cafe Cubano

Buchi Café Cubano (2651 West 38th Avenue, 303-458-1328), which has already made a name for itself with stellar coffee drinks and sandwiches, is hoping to add beer, wine and speciality drinks to its menu this summer - pending approval of a liquor license application.

Owner Emmett Barr doesn't plan on having a full bar with whiskey, gin, Scotch and the like, but he plans to serve at least two types of house-made sangrias, several top-shelf rums, mojitos, Cuba libres and Cubatas (which are similar to Cuba libres, but with dark rum and lime juice instead of fresh lime). "We can't get Cuban beers for obvious reasons, at least not yet," he says, but Buchi will aim for at least one or two Caribbean beers. The wines, both reds and whites, will likely be of a Spanish variety.

"A lot of people in the neighborhood have been asking us when we are going to start serving beer and wine, so we'd like to offer that for them," Barr says.

If the application is approved (a hearing is set for May 18), Buchi will also change its hours slightly, opening and closing a little later, Barr says.

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