Word of Mouth

A super Super Bowl party at the White House

President Barack Obama is throwing a party at the White House to watch Sunday's Super Bowl. Coming up with the menu is no contest; the president has an eclectic background that lends itself well to a buffet-style meal. Served right to left, of course.

The starter dish, Risoles, comes from Indonesia, where Obama spent four years as a youth. This deep-fried crepe is filled with a mixture of chicken breast, potatoes, peas and carrots. I wonder if the vegetables were harvested from the garden outside the White House - or Obama take Air Force One on a junket to Jakarta for some boyhood cooking?

The island of Hawaii is responsible for another staple on the Barack buffet, poi. If you like a stinky, smelly, viscous pudding made from mashing taro corm, then make sure you're in line. Poi starts off sweet, but each successive day turns it a bit more sour. Like the President's approval ratings.

Chicago makes its influence felt on the dessert table, where the party guests can enjoy such geocentric specialties as the Choco Taco. This dessert consists of a taco shell-like waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fudge and milk chocolate coating. The tagline is "America's coolest taco," which matches up with well with America's coolest President as he's secretly smoking out in on the Rose Garden.

And since Barack Obama now lives in D.C., why not pour a local beverage? The Capitol City Brewery Company is a great place to grab a growler or two, and Capitol Kolsch is a favorite local brew. With its mild sweetness with a mix of hoppy dryness, just like our President, this brew reaches out to the masses without trying to offend anyone.


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