A Toast to French Restaurants

Brasserie Felix just opened at 3901 Tennyson Street, and it's exactly what owners owners Danielle Diller and Gilles Fabre promised: a solidly 2/3 brasserie, offering two meals a day plus brunches on the weekends.

That's just the latest French place ot open. Over at 375 South Pearl Street, Café Etoile is doing the crepe thing, along with some sandwiches and snacks. At 85 South Union Boulevard in Lakewood, the Frenchy Press is offering breakfast, lunch and homemade pastries Monday through Friday.

And If you’re further afield and feeling Froggish, there's Le Petit Paris in Breckenridge (at 161 Adams Avenue). Operated by Arielle Coutouzis (late of Paris) and her husband (from the South of France), the bistro offers all the classics: soup a l’oignon, steak bavette, moules, profiteroles and even saucisse frites (hotdog and fries) for those uninterested in the assiette de saumon. The Coutouzis family did nine years in the restaurant industry in Manhattan before coming West; here’s hoping they can make a go of it in the mountains.


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