A tourist in her own town

As Mindy Sink discovered, it's not easy being a tourist in your own town -- especially when you're writing a guidebook with a deadline months ahead of when the book actually hits the streets. The Colorado native worked for six months last year on Denver, a Moon Handbooks guide that bills itself as "the cure for the common trip." But when the book was released last month, it came up against a common problem: Several of the places that Sink had touted were already closed.

"Guidebooks are pretty much outdated as soon as they come out. Like guess what, TAG's open," Sink says, referring to Troy Guard's new restaurant in Larimer Square that opened at about the same time that Denver came out.

To keep readers posted on such developments, Sink has started a blog -- www.Moondenver.blogspot.com -- where she offers updated information.

In her list of Golden Triangle restaurants, for example, Santa Fe Tequila Company is long-gone -- although Arada, Cuba Cuba, El Taco de Mexico and Domo are all good choices for visitors eager for a taste of the city. In the downtown area, Buenos Aires Grill has closed; in Capitol Hill, Cafe Star has been replaced by a second Trattoria Stella. Still, there are plenty of survivors on Sink's go-to list, with handy maps to help you find them.

"It makes it so official," Sink says. "This is a place you're going to explore."

Even if you think you already know the scene.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.