Acorn Gets Accolades From Frank Bruni, Bon Appetit

Acorn is having a good week. Yesterday, the restaurant that bartender Bryan Dayton and chef Steve Redzikowski opened less than a year ago in the Source was named one of the fifty nominees in Bon Appetit's America's Best New Restaurantscontest. And Acorn just got a big kiss from Frank Bruni, former New York Times restaurant critic. See also: Oak's owners branch out at the Source While Bruni was in town, he not only ate at Acorn, but stopped at the Tattered Cover for Helen Thorpe's reading of Soldier Girls. He tweeted about that, too.

And the tweets are flying about the fifty restaurants that Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton chose as his favorites, which "range from oyster bars and diner revivals to a Mekong-Mississippi mashup and a Texas-style brasserie," the magazine says. "But the one thing they have in common is this: flat-out deliciousness."

Acorn is the only Colorado restaurant to make the list of fifty finalists. Bon Appetit will release its Hot 10 list of the best new restaurants on August 19.

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