The biscuits at Rise & Shine rise to the occasion.
The biscuits at Rise & Shine rise to the occasion.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Denver Is Wonderful for a Lot of Reasons, but Not the Biscuits

Adrian Miller, recovering lawyer and soul-food scholar, loves biscuits, and recently served up a list of the top ten examples of this particular raised breakfast bread in the Mile High City, "a town that loves a good biscuit." But some biscuit lovers didn't love his picks for the Ten Best Biscuits in Denver. Says Valorie: 

The places they listed that I've been to have awful biscuits. Denver is wonderful for a lot of reasons, but the food is NOT one of them. There are of course a few notable exceptions that remain mostly hidden gems....

Adds Steven: 

How are you going to have KFC and Popeyes on here? That says a lot about Denver's shitty biscuits.

Concludes John: 

Another classic from the pathetic writing at Westword. Always a winner.

Ironically, this piece was by a true winner: Adrian Miller won the 2014 James Beard Foundation Award for Research and Scholarship with his first book: Soul Food, the Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time. His slogan? "Dropping knowledge like hot biscuits," even if it's the knowledge that some chains make great biscuits.

What biscuits do you like in Denver?

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