African Grill and Bar owners opening African Mart this week

Last summer, Osei and Adwoa Ford-Wuo parked the van they'd used to hawk West African food and picked up a strip mall spot in Aurora, outfitting it with hut-themed decor and turning out a fantastic board of fufu, jollof rice, peanut butter soup and fried plantains.

And now that they have things at African Grill and Bar -- which I reviewed two weeks ago -- running smoothly, they're opening another place just a couple of doors down: African Mart, a market that will sell specialties from all over that continent.

"We don't have a big space for a buffet here," explains Osei Ford-Wuo, "so we're going to make some food and put it over there -- that way, people can buy it and take it." He cites, for example, samosas, other pastries and the kelewele, plantains fried until crisped through and topped with roasted, salted peanuts.

The market will also stock ingredients sourced from Africa -- like the dried, powdered shrimp used to make the sauce that comes with the jollof rice -- as well as spices and beverages.

Osei says the market will open on Friday.

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