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Ale to the Chief belongs in the Oval Office

Here's to what ales you!

I’ve heard of at least four Colorado beers that have been brewed specifically for the Democratic National Convention and the election season in general – something that took a lot of forethought, since brewing beer is a lengthy process.

As a sucker for politics, seasonal beer and, uh, beer in general, I plan to try all four: the Wynkoop’s Obamanator, Great Divide’s Liberally Hopped Ale, Rock Bottom’s Political Ale and Avery Brewing’s Ale to the Chief. Then I’ll pick from among these candidates one beer that deserves to sit in an Oval Office mini-fridge next to the Red Phone.

Since Ale to the Chief -- “A Presidential pale ale to celebrate Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009,” according to the label -- is available in a bomber bottle at Argonaut Liquors and elsewhere, I’ll start my nomination process there.

It pours and tastes like draught beer from one of the awesome coastal brewpubs in Southern California, like Pizza Port of Laguna Beach Brewing Company. But it’s better because Avery makes all its beer in Boulder.

The aroma was fantastic – like being inside a brewery – and it matched the flavor, with just enough sweet malt to balance the crisp, bitter hops. The rich copper color and creamy head made it look nice too.

At 8.75 percent alcohol by volume, the next president may want to put his veep in charge before breaking into Ale to the Chief. – Jonathan Shikes

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