All the lovely latkes: Temple Micah's 2011 Top Latke Cook-off winners (photos)

Temple Micah's fourth annual Top Latke Cook-off Friday night featured budding young chefs serving up some seriously creative takes on potato pancakes. There were otherwise traditional latkes smothered in peanut butter and jelly; sweet potato latkes with marshmallow topping; Asian-spiced cakes topped with ginger; round latkes stuffed with cheese and elegant garnishes; sweet latkes loaded with with savory onion jam; and one entry of latkes that were very pretty in pink.

The 2011 cook-off winners are Stefanie Winfield for her "Sweet and Salty" latkes, taking the top prize in the traditional category; Lynn Klyde-Silverstein and her "Nunie's Latkes," innovative category; and sisters Rowen and Marin Griffith's "Patata Frittella Con Formaggio" for best presentation. Rose Kelly and Jenna Silverman's "PPPs" (Pretty Pink Pancakes) took the top honor for best in show. These blushing masterpieces, colored with beet juice, were crisp on the outside, warm and mealy on the inside, and the earthy beet flavor played well with the starchy potato goodness.

But the real winners were the event attendees who got to sample all the entries. Check out the winners -- and all their lovely latkes:

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