Amid the new frozen-yogurt boom, TCBY makes a Denver-area comeback

When I was growing up in the southern suburbs of Denver, the TCBY in a Greenwood Village strip mall was a go-to family treat spot, where we'd grab a sticky table and order up parfaits layered with hot fudge and cookie dough after every dance recital and tee-ball game.

The shop closed sometime when I was still in high school, as did other TCBYs in the metro area, eventually leaving only the airport outposts still standing.

But now, as frozen yogurt descends on the market in myriad forms, another franchisee is bringing TCBY back to Denver -- and opening in the very same strip mall that once housed my family's favorite stop.

Rick and Keri Green, a registered nurse and a psychotherapist, moved to Denver three years ago. Not long after, Rick began seeking a career change, looking for something that would combine his focus on health with his love for working with people.

"We looked at a lot of franchises," Keri explains. "And we settled on TCBY because we grew up on it." As for the location, they chose it randomly -- but then learned that there had once been a TCBY in the same strip mall, which left at the end of its lease. It left for reasons unrelated to how well the business was doing, Keri notes. And besides, they're not opening a traditional TCBY.

The thirty-year-old yogurt chain has gotten an aesthetic overhaul, and the new outpost will feature a bright color scheme, modern furniture and three flat-screen TVs. Plus, "ours will be the only self-serve TCBY in Colorado," says Keri, explaining that the store will feature six machines that make up to eighteen flavor combinations, in addition to a bar of forty toppings. They'll also have a take-away case, but they won't have the parfaits that were popular when I was growing up.

The spot should open some time in the next couple of weeks, and the Greens will announce the official date on their Facebook page. The couple is also planning a grand opening celebration for July 9, when they'll offer free frozen yogurt from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. and host child-friendly festivities from noon until 5 p.m.

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