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And that makes five...gastropubs

Denver's apparently getting a fifth gastropub -- and that could give Jason Sheehan a major case of indigestion, as you know if you've been following his gastropub rants right here on Cafe Society.

As we reported last month, Denver's three existing, self-proclaimed gastropubs -- Jonesy's, Argyll and Colt & Gray -- will soon be joined by Downtown Gastropub, one of three new spots that Tryst owner Paul Piciocchi is putting into the former Alto on 15th Street.

And now comes news of SKYBOX, a gastropub that's slated to open at the Streets of SouthGlenn in November. Judging from the advert the place posted on Craigslist (below), it's looking for a chef. Food for thought if you're searching for a job, and more food for fodder if you're Sheehan.

Date: 2009-10-05, 4:06PM MDT Reply to:

Theater opening in November in Centennial, Colorado at the SouthGlenn Mall seeking Chef for the SKYBOX, a dynamic gastropub located on the mezzanine level adjacent to the Premiere Balcony seating areas. Candidates should possess 2-3 years experience in similar restaurant environments.

The responsibilities of the Chef include: • Establishing and overseeing the complete operations of the kitchen, • Menu and recipe development to meet company goals, • Product selection and purchasing of all food supplies, • Hiring, training, scheduling and daily management of the kitchen staff to assure timely delivery of exceptional food, • Inventory controls and food cost management, • Position reports to the Theater General Manager.

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