And the winner of dinner for two at a First Bite Boulder restaurant is...

Earlier this week, we gave readers and opportunity to score free dinner for two at a restaurant participating in First Bite Boulder, the town's annual feeding frenzy showcasing high-caliber restaurants like Pizzeria Basta, Pizzeria Locale, The Kitchen, The Empire Lounge and Restaurant in Louisville and Terroir in Longmont.

The rules? Just give us six words explaining why you deserve to have your check picked up.

Some, like Zoemarkus, need a break from the kids:

The kids left the pantry empty.

Others have suffered, um, dining room hardships, like McMurphy:

New puppy chewed through kitchen table....

And many of you weighed in with occupation and money woes (we feel you). But the prize goes to davidc, who wrote:

New girlfriend + crappy job = empty wallet.

Hopefully the lucky lady will dig a free dinner out.

Didn't win? $26 for a multi-course meal is still a bargain, so make your reservations now. The event runs from November 11 through November 19, and a complete list of participating spots is available at the First Bite Boulder website.

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