Andrew Zimmern calls Bourdain/Midson photo a "valiant attempt to nail a little more street cred to the side of the barn"

Talk about the ultimate photo bomb. Last night, during the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club dinner at Parallel Seventeen (you can read all about it here), which was graced by none other than Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern, there was, as you can imagine, a lot of texting, tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming going on, and Zimmer held his phone close, doing most of the above in between filming, mingling with the crowd and likening his reaction to pig uterus to a "schoolgirl before the big varsity football game on a Friday night."

Someone -- my fuzzy recollection is Biker Jim -- mentioned that Anthony Bourdain, with whom Zimmern is a close friend, had been to Denver a few years ago and shoved a shit-ton of Jim's wieners down his throat (true story). And that prompted me to gloat, because I happened to be at the right place at the right time, when Bourdain -- clad in his Converse high-tops -- showed up to Jim's cart on the 16th Street Mall. A few cocktails in, and I whipped out a photo of myself and Bourdain, which I obviously wiggled under Zimmern's nose. And the dude whipped out his own phone, and took a photo of my photo with Bourdain.

But that's not even the cool part. No, the awesomeness of it all is that Zimmern posted the photo on Instagram, and then wrote this: "I sit down in a resto and the moment someone recognizes me out comes the @bourdain photo in a valiant attempt to nail a little more street cred to the side of the barn. It works. @cafewestword made my night!"

Hear that y'all? I made Andrew Zimmern's night!

For about 1.2 seconds.

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