Announcement! We have a winner of our Justice League of Street Food superhero contest

Right, so we do have other big news to report today, namely the announcement of a superhero champion in our

Justice League of Street Food contest

, the winner (and a guest) of which gets to eat and drink for free at the Justice League soiree on Saturday night.

There were some really good submissions this time around, and we're wistful that we can only choose one winner, but one is better than none, right?

Congratulations to Sean, who admitted that he worshiped Dr. Strange and wished he had the power to silence cell phones withe the wave of his hand. You and me both.

That's easy...Dr Strange, he dressed like a pimp, kicked it with demons, had a sick crib and had mad ill hectic spells. One power I wish I had would be to turn off a room full of cellphones with a wave of my hand...for obvious reasons.

Thanks to everyone who played, and have a great weekend!

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