Announcement! We have two winners of our Food Truck Renegades: The Sequel contest

Earlier this week, we rolled out a contest to Cafe Society readers, in which two people would win the privilege to eat and drink for free at the Food Truck Renegades: The Sequel party, which kicks off tomorrow at 4 p.m. in a mammoth parking lot at 23rd and Walnut Street.

In order to win, we asked readers to describe their best drunken debauchery memory, and several of you came up with doozies. Here are the two that we liked the best:

The first is from Wendy:

Way back in 1991, After a night of fun, With boyfriend at the time, Sleeping in sin, after tequilla and lime. Five o'clock in the a.m. light, Boyfriend yelled at me in fright. Peeing was I on the bedroom floor, That was the end of us, there was no more.

And the second winner is Shameman, who submitted this confession:

A heavily intoxicated, 17-year old version of who I am today, urinated into empty beer bottles then gave it to foes for their drinking displeasure.

Congrats, have fun, and no extracurricular peeing!

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