Another bit of good news from Tin Star Cafe

Chef/owner Andrew Schutt has introduced a "new menu" -- actually a reinforcement of the original menu -- at his excellent barbecue and donut joint in Evergreen, Tin Star Cafe. When I reviewed Tin Star two years ago, I praised its excellent donuts (the apple fritters in particular) and excellent barbecue. Now, as I report in this week's Bite Me, Schutt has finally found a way to put his two specialties together into one meal.

But there's one detail I didn't include in that column: Schutt is now doing apple fritter air-drops. That's right: For those of you too distant, too turned-around or too lazy to get all the way up to Evergreen for your fritter fix, Schutt is starting a mailing service. He's been working on it for the past few months -- shipping fritters to friends and family all over the country -- and now he's pretty sure he has the system (cryovac, next-day air, a freezer...) just about down. If you're interested in learning more, call the shop at 303-679-1155.


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