Another little piece of my heart: D'Corazon

Here is a city where I can get breakfast burritos (delivered to the office, if necessary), tacos on almost every corner, decent (though never fantastic) green chile, the combined cuisines of Puebla and Michoacan and Chihuahua and the D.F., all without being assaulted for flaunting my literacy, without having to dodge the come-ons of the pubescent hookers working the stroll outside my three, four or five favorite places. I think I could eat Mexican food at a different place every day for a year here and never run short of new addresses to visit. I've done that before for a week, two. And what gets me every time - like seeing the mountains glowing, snowcapped, in the distance on my way into work makes me feel so very goddamn fortunate to have landed in this town -- is that nearly every place I go not only has something to recommend it, but to love, to dream about, to return for again and again and again.

At D'Corazon, early on a Thursday evening, it's the chile con queso.

This week, it's all about my love of D'Corazon--and the power of two cold beers and a bowl of melted cheese and a plate of enchiladas on a quiet afternoon.

But man does not live by queso alone, although I tried when I left one meal at D'Corazon and crossed the street for another at the Rio Grande Restaurant. And so I also have good news for fans of Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, as well as those who still miss the barbecue at the Bugling Bull. All that will be up on this site tomorrow.

And in the meantime, if you missed my coverage of the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference that was in town last week, give it a look. We basically had several hundred serious food professionals descend on our fair city, every one of them meaning to eat and drink until they popped. And where was I? Right in the middle of all the fun with a laptop and an internet connection. In case you've ever wondered how the other half lives when they're among their own kind, now you can find out. I'll give you a hint, though. Food writers? They know how to drink.

A lot.

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